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Tips and Tricks for Surviving the Breeding Season with Parrots

     In the bird world, the arrival of Spring means one thing: it’s breeding season!  For bird owners this can be a difficult time of year. The most important advice we can give you is this: be patient.  This is … Continue reading

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Wing Trimming

Wing clipping is a crucial part of caring for your pet bird. It is also the subject of much debate among avian enthusiasts – to clip or not to clip? Free flight or no flight? Keeping your parrot’s flight feathers … Continue reading

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Why You Should Not Breed Your Birds This Spring

A few reasons NOT to breed your birds this breeding season – 1.  We commonly hear parents say they want to breed their finches or parakeets so their children “can experience the miracle of life.”   These small bird species are … Continue reading

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The Slaughter Continues: Poachers Kill 86 Elephants

URGENT: Please boycott companies that sell Ivory as it’s driving species into extinction – including parrots! Poachers in Chad, Africa, have ruthlessly killed 86 elephants, including 33 pregnant females, in less than a week.  These elephants, like many others, were … Continue reading

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