Healthy Harvest, Healthy Vegetables!

Healthy Harvest Healthy Vegetables

Healthy Harvest Healthy Vegetables

With fall comes a new flourish of healthy vegetables in our markets we can offer our feathered companions –

While most birds will have no problems with fresh fruit, we must remember what Mama told us –


Not only will they help keep things interesting for your pet in terms of introducing new flavors, textures, and colors to his or her dinner bowl- They will also be a healthy boost your bird’s nutrition levels.

Here is a list of the 5 recommended vegetables to offer your companion parrot:

1.      Carrots – high levels of beta-carotene, carrots can go a long way in supporting optimal eye health

2.      Spinach/kale/romaine lettuce – antioxidants that can boost your bird’s immune system

3.      English or Snap Peas/Green Beans (still in the pod) –  they are just plain fun for your bird

4.      Peppers – birds seem to have their favorites, but not to worry about the hot ones, a jalapeno or habanero pepper are just fine, just watch out for that super-hot kiss afterwards!

5.      Broccoli – good source of Vitamin D, a common deficiency in companion parrots..

Share with us: what is your parrot(s) favorite vegetable??

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