Fun night for us – fright night for our parrots!


Its Halloween time and our families and children are all excited with anticipation of donning that new costume and getting out there to collect their candy.  This is a great time for us but not so great a time for our feathered companions.  Remember – the foundation for our relationship with our parrots is TRUST… they trust you to keep them safe.  So… what do you think our birds are thinking when/if you pass by their cage not looking like yourself?  Even if your costume is not scary, you are not you to your parrot.  Parties with people not looking like people are very uncomfortable for our feathered family.  If your having a party on Halloween day/night, we recommend that you put your pets in a room out of the way  – remind your friends and children that scaring your parrot(s) may get a great reaction but the damage to your relationship with your parrot(s) can be long lasting — and remember, No Chocolate — it can be toxic!  Enjoy your season, but protect your avian friends!

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Manager - Golden Cockatoo Retail Bird Store
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