Happy Holidays from Golden Cockatoo!

Maggie04 (2)All of us here at Golden Cockatoo wish you a Very Merry Christmas!  This is a wonderful time of the year ,,,, many are decorating the house, maybe putting up the Christmas tree, and most are having gatherings of friends and family!

We need to remember our feathered family members during this time,  and to make an effort to reduce the stress the change in activity causes.  We all know that our sound relationship with our parrot(s) comes from a relationship based on trust. This usually is developed over timeImage and with a consistent routine with our parrots.  While many enjoy the music and loud interaction of humans, (cockatoos come to mind here…) many avian pets (and others for that matter) stress with “strangers” and change in the decor of  our home – their nest – (let’s face it folks, any serious parrot owner has felt that “nesting syndrome” in providing a home for our avian partners)… I have wondered what a Christmas tree looks like through a parrots eyes – whose eyes can detect ultraviolet light, fluorescent light, in addition to red, green, and blue light. In fact, many scientists believe that many behaviors of the parrots is related to their ability to see ultraviolet light. If your avian companion appears to be a bit out of sorts you might want to consider a cage cover for the holiday season!

We have many healthy treats for your friend! Many people find that camomile tea is an excellent soother, maybe while you are sipping eggnog with friends, you might consider a little bowl of the caffeine free tea to offer to your parrot.   Most birds, reportedly,  like it still a bit warm, and many owners report that it provides a very calming effect for their feathered compadres !! We have a full line of the Goldenfeast small barrier bags of specialty items such as sweet potatoes and star anise which are both great sellers…

Don’t forget that special something under the tree for all our family members.  We have gift cards you can offer your special  friends whom share our passion!  They may be purchased in any denomination of $10 or greater!  Maybe you want to give your parrot the gift card (does your parrot have a stocking for Santa?)  They could choose their next toy the next time you are in for that all important grooming! Golden Cockatoo has many new toys to offer (we know how easily & quickly bored our friends get)!  The foraging line has grown and we have a new vendor line coming in this week!

Rose hips, Hayes Common, 22 September 2011.

So lets be sure we take it slow when our parrots join us in our holiday wonderlands,,,, we may be feeling that holiday spirit, but they may take a little longer to get used to the change.  Lets remind ourselves to do a quick pet check list of the things that can be potentially dangerous to our parrots during this time….Holly berries, poinsettia plants and mistletoe are all toxic for our avian friends. So keep them in view but out of reach.poinsettias3

748px-Mistletoe_Berries_Uk Everyone at Golden Cockatoo wishes you the best holiday ever!  We hope you have time to stop by so we can share with you in person the holidays good tidings !!


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