Five Reasons Why You SHOULD own a Parrot

I recently got into a bit of an “blogging debate” with someone to whom I disclosed that I “sold parrots” for a living – from an exotic retail bird store – you would have thought I am the “devil incarnate” !!dreamstime_xs_24797412

The person I was discussing this with felt that parrots (or any animal for that matter) should not be “exploited” for human needs or enjoyment.  I then asked if they were vegan too? to which they replied “no”…. hummmm – make you wonder?  Well, it did me —

I started searching the internet, and actually googled “ten reasons why you SHOULD own a parrot” and the ol’ reliable search engine sent me back a whole lot of negativity,,,,,,, even google is cynical ???  Why do we have to defend the right to own a pet?  Granted birds/parrots are considered to be a more “exotic” pet than say – a dog or a cat – but, when you think about it birds have been domesticated since the first time a human dropped some crumbs and the chicken decided hanging around humans isn’t so bad,,,,,

After being “in the business” for 21 years here are some the reasons I love what I do and why I choose each and everyday to work at Golden Cockatoo –

1.       It is a passion – 365 days a year of dedication * everyone at Golden Cockatoo owns a bird (at least one).. We know from experience how rewarding parrot ownership can be. Birds are extremely social animals that can get even more attached to their owners than dogs or cats.

2.      Sustainability of the species

3.      Light up our lives – kept me going when I was sick

4.      Teach our children responsibility

5.      Develops our intuitive side

6.      Extremely intelligent

7.      Live for a very long time

8.      A small bird may be the proper choice for a small dwelling

9.      Don’t need to go for walks

10.   Don’t need vaccines and expensive grooming care

11.   You get to visit Golden Cockatoo

About lphatton

Manager - Golden Cockatoo Retail Bird Store
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