How to Know If You Will Be a Good Bird Owner

People are always interested in knowing which parrots are the most popular, but do they ever stop and ask, what kind of people do parrots like? Is it possible for parrots to like a certain type of person? Do people have to have certain personality traits to be liked and accepted by parrots? The answer is yes and yes. Parrots are interactive, social birds who can forge deep connections with their human counterparts.

The biggest question a potential bird owner needs to ask themselves is, do you really want to buy a bird? Many think that a bird is less work than a dog or cat, but being a responsible bird owner requires a lot of time and commitment. To figure out if you are the best person to purchase and care for a parrot, cockatoo, or cockatiel, you need to examine how much time you have available to care for your new friend. People who are rarely home due to work, school or other commitments might not be able to devout enough time to properly care for a bird. Some parrots can live for multiple decades, so that’s another really important point to discuss. Buying a parrot means you’re essentially getting a friend for life. Birds are excellent companions and won’t disappoint, but a pet that lives 50+ years is a big commitment. They can get attached to their owners quickly so it’s not ideal to pass a bird around from home to home.

The next thing you need to consider is that parrots like people who are generally calm with a softer speaking voice. Much like your grandparents, they like their peace and quiet. If you are a loud talker or you can’t stay still, a bird probably isn’t the best choice for a pet. Birds are social animals so they build bonds with their owner, but they might not if they don’t feel comfortable in their living situation,

Finally, many bird owners and pet store owners have noticed that people who have great relationships with their birds are basically over the average intelligence. They are a little eccentric. They are compassionate, and they are passionate about their hobbies, birds being one of them. Bird owners who don’t mind staying home petting their birds and playing with them are great owners.

If after reading this, you believe you will be a good bird owner, then the next big step for you is to go to a bird store and buy yourself a bird. Golden Cockatoo is an exotic bird boutique located in Deerfield Beach, FL. We are looking for the right people to provide homes to our birds. We see all kinds of birds, bird supplies, bird foods, and bird cages. Call or visit us today to start a new relationship with your bird.

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