What’s the Difference Between Cockatiels and Cockatoos in Fort Lauderdale?

One of the most common questions asked of the exotic bird experts at Golden Cockatoo is; what’s the difference between a Cockatiel and a Cockatoo? Upon first glance they look pretty similar but they are two different species of bird with very unique traits and personalities. Cockatiels are the smallest species of bird in the cockatoo family and they are easily one of the most popular pet birds in the world. Cockatiels are so popular because are easy to breed and care for, come in a variety of colors and make wonderful companions. They are also characterized by the signature crest of feathers on top of the head which can offer clues into the bird’s emotional state. The feathers tend to stick up if the bird is excited, scared or angry. A relaxed cockatiel crest is not all the way up or down, but somewhere in between.

Cockatiels have a reputation for being naturally curious birds who love to explore their environment and interact with humans. This can make them incredibly fun to observe and play with. However, they can be stubborn and resistant to change and can be wary of new people or additions to their cage. After a grace period of careful investigation, most cockatiels warm up to new toys and people eventually. When exploring something new, cockatiels have then tendency to use their beaks and tongue as tools of examination. Since they are quick to pick something up with their mouths, ensuring nothing in the cage is sharp or dangerous should be a priority for any bird owner in Fort Lauderdale.

When it comes to aviculture, or the hobby of owning and caring for birds, cockatoos and cockatiels in Fort Lauderdale dominate the landscape. Someone involved in aviculture isn’t simply interested in the bird itself, but also establishing the perfect environment for their friends to live. Cockatiels and cockatoos may seem similar, but they are unique birds which require some different types of care. Cockatiels generally live between 15-20 years but that number can fluctuate based on the level of care provided. Some cockatiels have even lived to be 30 years old! Learning about proper bird care is important for any bird owner so those interested in a cockatoo or cockatiel in Fort Lauderdale should stop by Golden Cockatoo today to learn firsthand from a knowledgeable exotic bird specialist!

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