The Galah or Rose Breasted Cockatoo


Well it’s that time of year again!! THE BABIES ARE IN THE HOUSE!!! We have several different cockatoo babies available including Sulpher Crested Cockatoos, Umbrella Cockatoos and Galah Cockatoo…all super cute and lovable!

In this blog we are going to focus on the Galah Cockatoo – also known as the Rose Breasted Cockatoo.  Galah Cockatoos make a wonderful, entertaining pets.   While they are able to talk quite clearly, consistency is the key with them.  They are also experts at mimicking sounds.  We had a Galah come in to Golden Cockatoo on consignment that mimicked a human cough so well that the staff would look at one another for signs of illness!  It took us awhile to realize where the sound was actually coming from!


Galah Cockatoos tend to be more independent than other cockatoos.  Like most cockatoos, Galahs do enjoy the company of their “humans” – yet unlike some other cockatoo species, they are just as happy playing alone.  They are extremely playful and intelligent and should be offered foraging toys as well as wooden toys and branches to chew on in order to keep them entertained.   Galah Cockatoos tend to be quieter than other cockatoos.  However, as with any Cockatoo, we do not recommend them as apartment birds.


Umbrella Cockatoo with one of the many toys we have available.

While juvenile Galah Cockatoos are hard to sex by sight, it is possible to sex adult galahs (around 2-3 years of age) with a fair amount of certainty – by eye color.  The adult male cockatoo will have a dark brown (almost black) iris while the female will have a lighter brown or red iris.  In general, Galahs are about 14 inches long and weigh between 270–350 grams. They have a pale grey to mid-grey back, a pale grey rump, a pink face and chest, a light pink crest and a bone colored beak.

Galah Cockatoos are prone to fatty tumors so it’s important to feed them a well-balanced, low fat diet consisting of no more than 20% sunflower seed.   A great diet for them would include fresh fruits and vegetables as well as a good pellet diet such as Zupreem Natural Pellets or Goldn’Obles Organic Diet; or a good seed mix such as those offered by ABBA or Island Treat.

If your Galah is provided love and attention and a good nutritional diet, he or she will be a part of your family for a very long time.  They are as entertaining as they are lovable and a great addition to most families.

Stop in and visit our Galah Cockatoo babies. Golden Cockatoo is located in Deerfield Beach, FL and conveniently located between Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Delray, Boynton and West Palm Beach, Florida. We look forward to seeing you!

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