Green Cheek Conures


Green Cheek Conures are one of the pyrrhura subspecies of conures.  This subspecies are known as the quiet conures (as compared to Sun Conures which can be described in many ways, quiet not being one of them).  These conures are affectionate, fun-loving clowns. They are the perfect pet for both adults and children. They are as cute as they are comical. Green Cheek Conures love to hang from the top of their cages, dance, play on their backs and if you don’t have a grate at the bottom of your cage…don’t be surprised if you find them under their paper! Green Cheek Conures also make great apartment pets. They tend to be relatively quiet birds with gravely little voices. Although they are not known to be “great” talkers they do tend to pick up a word or two. Unlike some birds, Green Cheek Conures are as happy to play by themselves as they are to spend time with their family. Although they aren’t easily bored – different toys should be offered to keep them amused. Foot, foraging and chew toys are great for these little birds and will keep them entertained for hours.

While all Green Cheek Conures have white rings around their eyes, there are several different color mutations of the Green Cheek Conure:


NormalNormal Green Cheek Conures are primarily green, with a grey scalloped chest, red tail feathers with a slight red color on their bellies. The head of the normal green cheek is a dark gray and they have green cheeks (hence the name). Their beaks and feet are gray.


Pied – Pied Green Cheek Conures offer only a slight variation in their color from the normal Green Cheek. They have a few yellow and red feathers dispersed throughout their bodies; however, not enough to be considered a yellow-sided green cheek.


Yellow SidedYellow Sided Green Cheek Conures are beautifully colored. Their chest is a bright yellow and red. They have green wings tipped in blue and a black to gray head with a light gray band at the base. Their feet are pink.


CinnamonCinnamon Green Cheek Conures have light or muted green wings, light blue flight feathers, bright yellow and red chest, maroon tail feathers and a pale gray or silver head. Their feet are pink.


PineapplePineapple Green Cheek Conures have a yellow and red scalloped chest, green wings, tan head with light green and yellow and/or red cheeks. They are named for their yellow and red coloring which is much like a ripe pineapple. They have a horned colored beak and pink feet.


TurquoiseTurquoise Green Cheek Conures are the rarest of the mutations. They are predominantly a muted turquoise to sapphire blue, they have a gray scalloped chest and dark gray head. Their feet and beak are black.

As with any parrot, the Green Cheek Conure needs a well-balanced diet which should include fruits, nuts and vegetables, a good pelleted diet such as Zupreem Natural or Goldenfeast Goldn’obles, as well as a good seed mixture for example ABBA 1200 Small Hookbill or Island Treat Conure Natures Garden Blend.

With the right diet and care, your Green Cheek Conure should remain a loving part of your family for up to 30 years. They are great little birds and worth checking out! Stop in and see and even play with the babies we currently have in the store. You won’t be sorry!

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