Queen of Bavaria Conures also known as Golden Conures

Queen of Bavaria Conures, also known as Golden Conures, are considered the most beautiful of all conures.  They are one of the larger conures, their bodies are a brilliant yellow and their lower wing feathers are green.  Young Queen of Bavaria Conures will have green feathers dispersed throughout their yellow body feathers; however as they get older they will lose the green body feathers, leaving their body a solid brilliant, bright yellow.  Queen of Bavaria conures have horn colored beaks and pink legs and feet.

Queen of Bavaria conures are on the endangered species list which makes them more expensive that other conures.  Although people who own these wonderful birds readily admit that they are well worth their price.


Domestic hand-fed babies make excellent pets. They are fun, affectionate and quite intelligent, making them very easy to train.  They will learn tricks and may also pick up a several words or phrases.  As a rule, Queen of Bavaria conures are not aggressive.  They tend to be very sweet and even-tempered and are far less likely to bite than other conures.  Queen of Bavaria conures are highly sought after due to their amazing personalities.

foraging woodtoy

Due to their intelligence, Queen of Bavaria conures can become bored quite easily so it’s important to keep them busy with plenty of toys – chewing and foraging toys would be best for this busy conure. Toys meant for medium sized birds are best suited for a Queen.  A roomy cage is a must for the Queen of Bavaria unless they are going to be let out of the cages for extended periods of time. Golden conures are prone to feather mutilation so we can’t stress enough how important it is to keep them entertained and busy.

zupreem islandtreat

As far as the diet for a Queen of Bavaria, they will eat a variety of sprouts, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and commercial pellets.  We recommend ZuPreem Natural Maintenance for Medium to Large birds or Goldenfeast Organic Goldn’obles I.  If you are looking for a seed diet, Island Treat Conure Nature’s Garden Blend or ABBA 2200 would be a great start for a well-rounded diet, as well as Goldenfeast Fruits ‘N Nuts Plus.

Like most conures, the Queen of Bavaria can be very vocal at times mainly when they are playing or excited or at sunrise or sunset, so they may not be suited for apartment living.  However, as compared to a sun conure, they are much, much less vocal and vocalize less frequently.  As well, Queens are fairly decent talkers and have the ability to learn several words and phrases.

Queen of Bavaria conures can only be purchased in the state in which you live because they are on the National Endangered Species List. We are only able to sell them to Florida residents or do a “breeder’s trade” across state lines.  However, if you are interested in one it’s important to let us know.  At times they are sold before they even arrive in the store.  They are THAT sought after.  We currently have a few babies in the store….be sure to stop in and see them if you are in the area.  If you are a bird lover, it’s one bird that you don’t want to miss!  They are amazing!

Stop in and visit our Queen of Bavaria babies.  Golden Cockatoo is located in Deerfield Beach, FL and conveniently located between Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Delray, Boynton and West Palm Beach, Florida.  We look forward to seeing you!

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