Yellow Naped Amazons

Amazon Stepping Up Amazon ParrotYellow Naped Amazons are very popular as pets due to their talking ability, intelligence and clownish personalities. Yellow Napes, like other Amazons, have an amazing quality and clarity of speech (very human-like). At times, they seem to understand the meaning behind their words and you may be surprised at what they say or how they respond to you. It is very important to watch what you say around Yellow Naped Amazons as they quickly and easily pick it up new words and if they learn a word or phrase that you don’t like, it will be hard, if not impossible, to remove them from their vocabulary.

Yellow Naped Amazons thrive on social interaction. So, it’s important to set aside some time with them each day for snuggling and playing, not only to keep them from falling into destructive behaviors, but to maintain the bond between you and your bird.

While Yellow Naped Amazons aren’t as noisy as some other Amazons, they have their moments and may not be suited for someone who lives in an apartment community.

IMG_5306Amazon Parrot

Because Yellow Naped Amazons are highly intelligent, it’s important to provide plenty of toys and/or entertainment for your Nape. Foraging toys offer them a challenge and can keep them amused for hours. As with most parrots, it’s also important to satisfy their natural need to chew. So, a variety of wood toys will also be appreciated by your Nape.

woodtoy foraging

Yellow Naped Amazons are stocky birds that are predominantly green with a yellow band across their lower nape and neck. They have a dark grey beak and grey feet.

The Yellow Naped Amazon’s natural diet consists of fruits, berries, greens, nuts and seeds. So, it’s also very important to offer them a well-balanced diet in their home environment. We suggest a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, a good pellet diet such as Zupreem Natural Maintenance for Large Parrots or Caitec Oven Fresh Bites, as well as a good seed mix such as Island Treat Natures Garden Blend or ABBA Heavenly Hookbill.


If you are looking for a pet that has a great talking ability and who have a bit of an independent side, an Amazon may be the bird for you and the Yellow Naped Amazon is a great choice!

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