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25 Amazing Bird Photographs

This post comes from National Geographic and the Wild Bird Trust, which publishes 25 of the best photos submitted to them each week. The collection includes hawks, owls, finches, parrots – you name it – and many of these birds … Continue reading

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Comfort Phrases

Did you know: it is thought that parrots will remember (and often mimic) the comforting phrases you say to them when they are in a stressful situation. Make it a point to always use the same soothing sound or phrase … Continue reading

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Threatened African Grey Parrots returned to the wild after three-year intercontinental odyssey

Seventeen lucky birds return home to the wild thanks to the tireless efforts of many people around the world. The noted conservationist Jane Goodall released the birds into a protected area in Lake Victoria early in July. Read the incredible … Continue reading

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Bringing Home Birdy

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We’ve been writing a lot lately about Spring and the breeding season, and with all those cute baby birds around you may be thinking of adding another bird to your flock. Birds are social animals that can really benefit from … Continue reading

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White Sunflower Seeds ARE BACK!

As some of you may know, grey striped sunflower seeds have been unavailable for the past four years. We’re very excited to announce that they are back! Parrots love these seeds and many parrot owners prefer them because they’re lower … Continue reading

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Tips and Tricks for Surviving the Breeding Season with Parrots

     In the bird world, the arrival of Spring means one thing: it’s breeding season!  For bird owners this can be a difficult time of year. The most important advice we can give you is this: be patient.  This is … Continue reading

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Wing Trimming

Wing clipping is a crucial part of caring for your pet bird. It is also the subject of much debate among avian enthusiasts – to clip or not to clip? Free flight or no flight? Keeping your parrot’s flight feathers … Continue reading

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Why You Should Not Breed Your Birds This Spring

A few reasons NOT to breed your birds this breeding season – 1.  We commonly hear parents say they want to breed their finches or parakeets so their children “can experience the miracle of life.”   These small bird species are … Continue reading

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Easter for Parrots

The Easter holiday is just around the corner! For many of us that means chocolate and jelly beans, baskets and toys, colored eggs and Easter egg hunts.  It truly is a joyous holiday – a celebration of spring and of … Continue reading

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Three Big Reasons Every Bird Owner Should Have a Play Stand

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Play stands are essential for keeping a happy, healthy parrot. The reasons for owning one are countless, and you’d be hard-pressed to find an argument against play stands. But let’s just focus on three really good reasons: A play stand … Continue reading

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