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African Senegal Parrots

African Senegal Parrots  (often referred to as Sennies by their owners) are prized for their good nature, quietness and calm temperament. They have great personalities and tend to become very attached to their “humans.” Senegals are comical little birds and can … Continue reading

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Yellow Naped Amazons

Yellow Naped Amazons are very popular as pets due to their talking ability, intelligence and clownish personalities. Yellow Napes, like other Amazons, have an amazing quality and clarity of speech (very human-like). At times, they seem to understand the meaning … Continue reading

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Umbrella Cockatoos

Umbrella Cockatoos are considered the most affectionate of all parrots. They love to snuggle and cuddle and will want to spend as much time with their “human” as possible. While they may learn to mimic a few words, they are … Continue reading

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January’s Bird of the Month

This is Sam. Sam is our resident Blue and Gold Macaw. She is approximately 30 years old and quite a character. This blog will give you an overview of the Blue and Gold Macaw and it will also give you … Continue reading

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General knowledge of bird nutrition is constantly evolving due to continual research being done in order to meet the needs of the different species of birds. Birds need a proper, balanced diet as much as any other animal. Different species … Continue reading

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