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General knowledge of bird nutrition is constantly evolving due to continual research being done in order to meet the needs of the different species of birds. Birds need a proper, balanced diet as much as any other animal. Different species … Continue reading

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Household Dangers

After seeing a several posts on Facebook from owners who have lost their birds simply because they did not know the dangers that lie within a normal household, I thought I would discuss a few here. I will list some … Continue reading

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Large Macaws

Although there are many species of large macaws, we are only going to talk about a few of them here:  the Green-wing Macaw, Red Fronted Macaw, Blue and Gold Macaw, Blue Throated Macaw, Scarlet Macaw and we will discuss a … Continue reading

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Mini Macaws – the Severe Macaw and Hahn’s Macaw

In the next few blogs, we will be focusing on the different species of macaws currently available in the pet trade. This blog will be focusing on two species of mini macaws, both of which we currently have available at … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays from Golden Cockatoo!

All of us here at Golden Cockatoo wish you a Very Merry Christmas!  This is a wonderful time of the year ,,,, many are decorating the house, maybe putting up the Christmas tree, and most are having gatherings of friends … Continue reading

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Golden Cockatoos Awesome Weekend Sales

UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! OUR FEARLESS LEADER HAS GONE “ALL GENEROUS” ON US!! RICK HAS SWEETENED THE DEAL AND THE RAFFLE GIFT CARD HAS GONE FROM $50 TO $200!!  50% Of the raffles proceeds will be donated to the Bird Lovers … Continue reading

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Small Business Saturday is Coming Nov 30th

YOU CAN’T FORGET!!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! Tie a red ribbon around your finger! Put a “post it” on your door! Write it on your mirror in lipstick! What is this about? Small Business Saturday is a day dedicated to supporting … Continue reading

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Holiday Hotel Reservations for Polly and Pete!

Believe it or not, the holidays are quickly approaching and  here at Golden Cockatoo, we are already getting many reservations for boarding at the worlds famous “Parrot Palace.” Don’t leave this little “to do item” to the last minute or … Continue reading

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Holiday Family Portraits with your Bird

Bring your Bird in for your Holiday Family Portrait at Golden Cockatoo Offer includes minimum of 2 digital images. All donations will benefit Wildlife Care Center and the Bird Lovers Club. Dates Available: Saturday, November 9th, 12 noon-2pm   OR   Sunday, … Continue reading

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Blue-throated Macaw Lockdown – Act Now

Attention Macaw Lovers!!  What Happened?? Three weeks ago the Magnificent Blue-throated Macaw  status was listed as ENDANGERED under the Endangered Species Act. What does this mean for us?? The sale of a  Blue-throated macaws across state lines will be outlawed … Continue reading

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