What to Look For in a Bird Store in Fort Lauderdale

Despite what you may have heard, pet supply stores are not created equal. Big chain pet stores may seem like the perfect place to get bird supplies and accessories, but do the people there really know anything about bird care? Most likely they are just a high school kid with a summer job at the register who can’t answer any of the important questions you may have as a bird owner. If you are really looking for a bird store in Fort Lauderdale with friendly and knowledgeable employees, then you need to stop by Golden Cockatoo today! When you’re buying supplies for your exotic bird in Fort Lauderdale, you want quality products at prices you can afford. Golden Cockatoo has all of that and a team of bird enthusiasts who are eager to help someone fully enjoy owning a bird.

It becomes pretty obvious why most bird lovers choose Golden Cockatoo for all of their bird supplies in Fort Lauderdale. Take one step into the store and you’ll see why bird owners keep coming back. The huge selection of bird cages, toys, grooming accessories and food means you can get everything you need all while getting help from a dedicated Golden Cockatoo employee. Shopping smarter with help from the staff at Golden Cockatoo means you’ll save yourself time and money! Larger, chain pet stores don’t have the same commitment to customer service and satisfaction as Golden Cockatoo so they won’t go out of their way to help you. At Golden Cockatoo, we take care of our customers with the same respect and appreciation that they deserve.

Proper bird care doesn’t have to take a ton of time and cost a lot of money when you get everything you need at Golden Cockatoo. Whether you need a fresh bag of organic bird food or you’ve decided that your parakeet could use a friend, stop by the bird store in Fort Lauderdale that has it all! If you’re interested in learning more about bird care or companion birds in general, the helpful staff at Golden Cockatoo can point you towards the books and CD’s in stock which are great for all bird lovers. Golden Cockatoo offers a variety of bird care services as well including grooming, DNA testing and disease testing right at the store. Golden Cockatoo is simply the best one-stop shopping for all of your exotic bird’s needs. Call or stop by Golden Cockatoo today and find out more!

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