White Sunflower Seeds ARE BACK!

Volkman seed mix with white sunflower seeds

Volkman seed mix with white sunflower seeds

As some of you may know, grey striped sunflower seeds have been unavailable for the past four years. We’re very excited to announce that they are back! Parrots love these seeds and many parrot owners prefer them because they’re lower in fatty oil – making them healthier than black sunflower seeds. Grey striped sunflower seeds are slightly larger than the black variety, which makes them easier for large parrots to eat. They are the perfect reward for training practices because they can be eaten quickly, and they are tasty enough that birds are willing to work for them. Currently, they are only available in our Avian Science Parrot Seed blend from Volkman. This is a healthy, delicious, and very affordable mix of dried fruits and veggies, seeds and nuts. If you’ve not yet tried this mix for your parrots, we would highly recommend it!

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