White Capped Pionus


White Capped Pionus are approximately 9 to 10 inches in length, they are generally green with a yellowish green on the underside and a white cap on their forehead as well as a white patch under their chin and throat. The rest of the head is blue and the breast has olive-brown feathers edged with darker purplish-blues, gradually turning green across the abdomen. The have an assortment of colors on their wings ranging from browns to blues and violets. The beak is a horn color, the eye is dark brown to an orangish color circled by a light pinkish-white eye ring, and they have pink legs.

The White Capped Pionus is sweet, gentle, affectionate and relatively easy-going. They are also feisty and comical. And seem to strive to entertain their owners with their clownish behavior. Because of their muted colors, many times they get over-looked for a more colorful bird. However, the White Capped Pionus make great family pets and should be seen for the wonderful qualities that they possess.

The White Capped Pionus is fairly intelligent as well. With repetition, they will pick up tricks quite easily. White Capped Pionus tend to be very active and do require a larger cage with plenty of toys to keep their minds active and to avoid unwanted behaviors due to boredom. Suitable toys would consist of chewing and foraging toys.

woodtoy foraging

While not known for their talking ability, the White Capped Pionus is a better talker than other Pionus species. They will pick up a few words and will repeat them back in their little raspy voices.

The White Capped Pionus is a relatively quiet bird so can be considered suitable for apartment living. Like any parrot, they may have times where they may be louder…generally around sunrise and sunset.

Some White Capped Pionus are prone to vitamin A deficiency. So, along with a good pellet diet such as Goldn’obles or a good seed diet like ABBA 2200, it is important to offer them fresh vegetable containing Vitamin A, cabbage, broccoli, peas and carrots would be a great start. It is important to remember that fresh foods do spoil. So, offer them for an hour to an hour and a half each day and remove and discard any uneaten food.

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