Blue Throated Conures

The Blue Throated Conure, also known as a Red-Rumped Conure, is a bird of many colors. Words simply can’t describe the beautiful array of colors in their plumage. The Blue Throated Conure’s colors range from dark brown, red, maroon, green, yellow and blue. Although they are said to be a cousin of the Green Cheeked Conure, the similarity stops with their size.

Male Blue Throated Conure and his two babies.

Unlike many other Conures, the Blue Throated Conure is a great apartment bird because they are relatively quiet. The Blue Thoated Conure is highly intelligent and very inquisitive. While they can pick up a few words and phrases and repeat them back in their squeaky little voices, their strength lies in learning tricks and keeping their owners entertained with chattering and comedic playing!


The Blue Throated Conure is also very affectionate and makes a great family pet. However, we do recommend that small children are supervised at all times when handling any bird. Due to the intelligence and inquisitive nature of the Blue Throated Conure, it’s also very important to offer them a variety of chewing and foraging toys such. These little birds also like to sleep in either a nest box or tent and you will find that they may seek comfort in them .


In the wild, the Blue Throated Conure’s diet consists of tree fruits, seeds, flowers and berries. So, it’s very important to offer them a well-rounded and varied diet at home. Their diet should consist of a good seed mix such as (ABBA or Island Treat) or pellets -(ZuPreem natural would be a great choice), sprouted seeds and fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

The Blue-Throated Conure is highly sought, but rarely seen, as a pet because they are on Appendix 1 of the CITES list, making them a protected species. As well, they are on the National Endangered Species list. As such, they can only be offered to Florida residents (since Golden Cockatoo is in Florida-they are not permitted to go across state lines for commercial business unless one has special permit.) These Conures are extremely rare and can only be seen in perhaps one other bird store in the USA, but we doubt it. Sought after by breeders, this is indeed a rare opportunity to have a Blue Throated Conure. As of July 20, 2016, Golden Cockatoo had two males available for the right homes.

Come in and check them out! The Blue Throated Conure would be a great addition to anyone’s flock, especially if you are a discriminating aviculturist!

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