African Senegal Parrots


African Senegal Parrots  (often referred to as Sennies by their owners) are prized for their good nature, quietness and calm temperament. They have great personalities and tend to become very attached to their “humans.” Senegals are comical little birds and can very often be found hanging upside down from a perch or the top of their cage. They are highly trainable and will pick up a trick or two quite quickly.


Although Senegals are not known for their talking ability, there are some that will learn to talk quite well. Senegals do pick up on sounds quite easily. So, don’t be surprised if you hear your microwave beep or your phone ring, only to find out it was your Senegal behind the mad dash you made in response to the sound. Senegals are not screamers and tend to give a high pitched whistle if something startles them or they want attention. For that reason, unlike many of the larger parrots, they make great apartment birds.

Due to the attachment that Senegals form with their humans it’s very important to set aside time each day for your Sennie. Otherwise, your Senegal may resort to destructive behavior such as feather mutilation due to depression or just plain boredom.

Close-up view of a Senegal Parrot (Poicephalus senegalus)

Senegals are about 9” long, have a fairly large head and beak, they have a grey head, black beak, green back and throat and yellow to orange belly and rump. The green and yellow on their chest form a V shape where they meet.


Senegals love to chew so it’s important to provide them with plenty of wood toys, and because they are stong chewers, feel free to provide them with a few wood toys made for larger birds…you will be surprised how quickly they will whittle them down. Due to the Senegal’s acrobatic and clownish ways…a few plastic chains and swings are also a great addition for them.


As with any parrots, it’s important to provide them with a high quality seed diet such as ABBA 1400 African Grey/Senegal food and/or pelleted diet such as Zupreem Natural Maintenance Pellets or Caitec Oven Fresh Bites along with fresh fruits and vegetables.

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