Our Bird Boutique Caters to All Your Needs

Ask any person who has owned a bird and they will tell you these animals are among the most intelligent and loyal pets available. Because many birds live for long periods of time, they can give anyone a lifetime of joy. If birds are your passion, there is no better place in South Florida to purchase birds, cages, food and supplies than Golden Cockatoo in Deerfield Beach. We specialize in all pet quality parrots.  Specifically, we focus on hand fed, tame large birds such as:  the large Macaws (Blue and Gold, Scarlett, Greenwing, Severe, Buffons, and Hybrids) Cockatoos (Moluccan, Umbrella, Goffins, Sulfer Crested, Ducorps) African Parrots (African Greys, African Timneh, Senegals, Jardines, Meyers) Amazon parrots (Yellow Naped, Double Yellowhead, Yellow Crown, Blue Fronted, Mexican RedHeaded, Lilac Crown), South American parrots (Black Headed Caique, WHite Bellie Caique, Hawk Head Parrot), and Eclectus (Solomon Island, Red Sided)  Plus, we offer hand raised Conures (Golden Conures, Sun Conures, Green cheek), Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Parrotlets, and Bourke parakeets.  Also, we have beautiful Lady Gouldian finches, Society Finch, and Zebra Finch, and we have a 30 day singing guarantee on all of our male canaries. We don’t believe we “sell” birds; we believe we “place” birds in good homes. We are providing these magnificent birds with homes where they can live in and receive quality care.

What separates us from other bird retailers and wholesalers is the fact that we are not just a pet store. We are a bird boutique. Not only do we have birds on-site, but we also have over 700 different bird toys.We provide bird food, bird cages, bird perches and swings, bird CDs and books, and bird stands.  As a full service bird store we provide bird groomings for wings and nails, birdie camp (boarding while you are away), house sitting, sexing, and disease testing.

When you walk into our store, you are immediately greeted by people who share your passion. All of our staff members have been bird owners and have first-hand knowledge of bird ownership. They understand the intelligence and corresponding interaction required to keep birds stimulated and content with their environments. They have the patience needed to work with birds and teach them new things. If you are a bird person, you will find many kindred spirits in our store. If you have never owned a bird, here are ten good reasons why you should.

  •          Birds are easier to care for and maintain than dogs or cats
  •          Birds are easy to train
  •          Birds require minimal grooming
  •          Birds are social pets
  •          Feeding is relatively cheap
  •          Birds can be kept in small spaces
  •          Birds are not considered “pets” by many apartment and rental properties
  •          Birds are attractive pets
  •          Birds live long and make great companions
  •          Birds are intelligent animals

We are one of a select few stores in the world that specialize in hand raising large parrots, including macaws,cockatoos, Amazons, African Greys, conures and caiques, lovebirds and cockatiels, lories and Pionus.  We also have a great selection of finches and canaries.  Most importantly, you can buy with confidence as Golden Cockatoo has the strongest health guarantee of any bird store, allowing you to take your new companion home with peace of mind (please call the store for details or come in and visit!).  Our Birdie Bucks Loyalty Program gives local brick and mortar clients a 5% rebate in the form of a 10% cash coupon for every $200 spent. Our Birdie Bucks Loyalty Program members also enjoy special in-store discounts, for example, 20% off all Kaylor of Colorado bird food every day. We also offer VIP services (Very Important Parrot) for our clients across the USA who would like to have one of our babies as a companion; this for-fee service includes shipment from our store to the airline counter at your nearest airport to insure a safe delivery of your new companion!

If you would like to learn more about the beautiful birds we have available at Golden Cockatoo, please call us at (954) 725-0088. We want to stay connected with you. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. You can visit our YouTube Channel as well.

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