Boarding Your Bird

Baby Black Headed Caique at Golden Cockatoo

Some people like to vacation and others may be called away from home on a family emergency.  What do you do with your parrot(s) when this happens?   Golden Cockatoo offers full-service parrot boarding for your feathered family member.  There are several benefits to parrot boarding vs. parrot sitting.  Yes, you are taking your baby out of its home and into a new environment, BUT he or she will be surrounded by other birds offering entertainment and stimulation and we have a full staff all of whom are trained to spot any problems should they occur.  Sitters are good too; however, in many cases they stop by for only a few minutes each day to feed, water and clean the cage.


As we know – birds are very active and inquisitive creatures.  What would happen if your bird found itself in precarious situation or became hurt or sick during the time that your sitter was NOT there?  Our staff is trained to watch for any signs of sickness, stress or injuries and will deal with it immediately -whereas the sitter would not notice until their next trip to your home.

Your bird is also used to your daily activities happening around him or her.  How does will your bird handle it when all of a sudden that activity is gone and he or she is alone?  Will he start screaming or plucking out of frustration and boredom?  Boarding your parrot provides the activity of the other birds around him to prevent the boredom and the unwanted behaviors.  Our staff and provide other mental stimulation such as toys, etc. should that become necessary as well.


There are a few things you can do to help make your bird’s boarding experience more enjoyable.  We do recommend bringing his or her favorite toy(s) as well as any food he/she would normally be fed at home.  If your bird is not used to being put in its carrier…put him or her in the carrier for a few minutes each day prior to bringing them in for boarding.  That will make the trip to Golden Cockatoo less stressful and help to get him/her used to being confined in a different cage.

Please remember, we do require a psittacosis test to be done prior to boarding your bird.  The reason we chose this particular test is that not only is it an airborne disease but it is also activated (when the bird is said to be “shedding”) when a bird is under stress.  Even though the parrots are very well cared for, the bird itself is in a new environment for the first few times.  This is a stressful situation that can activate shedding and expose all other boarding birds to this disease.  Our mantra for boarding is “bring in a healthy bird, bring home a healthy bird.”  For this reason we require, this particular test on an annual basis.  We were the first boarding facility to institute this requirement over 15 years ago, and today many boarding facilities follow this procedure as well.  We advise against boarding in any facility that does not have some sort of enforced testing procedure PRIOR TO boarding (not when boarded).  The test itself is between $39.99-$44.99 and is taken by trimming one nail short enough so we can draw a drop of blood, and taking a vent swab.  Both are submitted to a testing facility, and we have results within 8 business days.  So please plan ahead and get your bird tested the next time you come in for a grooming (you get a $5 discount on the testing when it is done during a grooming) and the results are good for a year.  Test results are required when dropping off your bird, and our staff will ask you about this test when you call for a reservation (reservations are required).  Psittacosis (also known as parrot fever) is highly contagious and can be fatal to both parrots as well as humans.  The test is required to protect your bird, your family, and the other birds in our care.

harrison goldnobles-i-2012-640x640

We also ask you about the type of food your parrot companion likes to eat; most food types are included with the boarding fee, but others like Harrisons Bird Diet and Goldenfeast Organic Goldn’obles.  As well, we suggest that you bring in your bird’s favorite toys (1-3) and their perches if you like.  We do require at least one toy so that your parrot can have something to do while they wait for you to return.

For those of you that take extended vacations, once you board for one week we give you 1 free day per week (so you are charged for a 6 day week rather than a seven day week).  Also please note that boarding is charged on a calendar day basis.  So, for example, if you drop your bird off today at 5:30 PM and return tomorrow morning, you will be charged for two boarding days.  We do this as birds cages are prepped before arrival and then cleaned before we open the next day.  Fees are as follows:

Small Birds $7.00 per calendar day (finches, canaries, budgies, lovebirds, cockatiels, senegals)

Medium Birds $9.00 per calendar day (conures, greys, amazons, caiques, hawk heads, cockatoos, mini macaws)

Large Birds $12.50 per calendar day (macaws, moluccans, tritons, and all Lories)

Hyacinths $17.50 per day

Please try us for boarding your parrot companion on your next excursion and see how easy it is!  If you prefer a bird sitter then we also can offer that service, but it is quite a bit more.  Now you can entertain company and/or go on vacation with no worries about your baby birds!  Oh-feel free to call us when you are gone to check up on your babies.

Golden Cockatoo is located in Deerfield Beach, FL and conveniently located between Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Delray, Boynton and West Palm Beach, Florida. We look forward to seeing you!

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